City of St. Louis Department of Personnel GIS Specialist I/Graphic Designer in St. Louis, Missouri

GIS Specialist I/Graphic Designer

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  • Minimum: $36,400.00

  • Maximum: $56,888.00

Normal entry salary is $36,400.

Nature of Work

Incumbents in this position are responsible for compiling information and developing and revising maps and graphic designs using computer software and equipment.

For an additional description of this position, please refer to the classification specification for GIS Specialist I/Graphic Designer

Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, Graphic Design or a closely related field. OR an Associate’s degree in Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, Graphic Design or a closely related field; plus two years computer mapping and graphic design experience which includes using AutoCAD and ESRI GIS Software. OR an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Documentation of academic credentials must be submitted with the Employment Application or at the time of the Oral Interview.

A limited number of applicants may be scheduled for the Oral Interview based on an evaluation of their qualifying education, training and experience as listed on the Employment Application. Include reasons for changes in employers and explain any gaps in employment on the application. Incomplete and/or carelessly completed applications will not be considered. Resumes will not be accepted as a substitute to a fully completed application.

VETERAN'S PREFERENCE POINTS: To be eligible for veteran's preference points, the applicant must submit a copy of his/her DD 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty with the Employment application or at the time of the Oral Interview. The Director of personnel may, in his discretion, accept alternate documentation.

Last Date For Filing Application Is December 28, 2018

Examination Components and Their Weights

  • Experience and Training: Pass/Fail

  • Oral Interview: 100%

No waiver of the Residency Requirement will be granted.

O.C. 2877

December 04, 2018

4111-13G (No Wav)

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