H2M Group Senior Geospatial Analyst in Saint Louis, Missouri

H2M Group is seeking a Senior Level Geospatial Analyst to join our team!

The highly skilled candidate will:

Design and administer data structures within an ArcSDE geodatabase for multiple offices across the customer agency and partner agencies.

Train and manage a nine member team in a versioned environment.

Develop, design, and maintain ArcGIS portal apps and ArcGIS flex viewers for multiple clients.

Customize JavaScript and Flex widgets for clients' requests.

Develop and administer geoprocessing tasks including, exporting data, geocoding, buffering, and routing.

Publish WMS and WFS for multiple offices, as well as agency level crisis support.

Pull daily information and updates database into a usable geographic format.

Produce map products depicting contents of databases.

Analyze and integrate geospatial-intelligence from multi-INT sources.

Apply software to manage spatial and related tabular data.

Locates sources of GIS data and project information based on customer needs including videos, photos, shapefiles, geodatabases, WMS, WFS, rest services, KMZ/KMLs, and GeoRSS feeds.

Required Skills and Education:

11+ Years of Geospatial Analysis experience.

Candidate must possess in depth understanding of, and experience using the following:


  • Imagery Exploitation Software (SOCET GXP, Remoteview)

  • Network analysis, data management, versioned editing and Python (arcpy) scripting.

  • General all-source intelligence analysis to include permutations and conversion of geodatabase files, shape files, Google Earth KML/KMZ, and CSV files.

  • Regular expression usage, temporal expressions, and geospatial representations (datum, projections, and coordinate systems).

  • Experience using ESRI products developing applications in ArcGIS using ArcObjects (preferred) or MapObjects; modeling with ArcSDE; GIS Server or ArcIMS site development, implementations, and maintenance.

Minimum Education and Experience: Bachelor's Degree and 7 years work experience

Preferred Skills and Education:

The ideal candidate will be able familiar with ArcServer SDE databases and Flex internet sites (developing and editing functionality as needed), coordinate the development of custom applications in ArcGIS, develop logical models, and prepare required documentation. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in Enterprise Geodatabase Administration, conversion and update data for users and web application, experience designing, implementing or working with ArcSDE implementations, database design and programming skills, and experience with Flex or Java script.

Requisition ID: 586