Oracle Senior Director, User Assistance (Content and Curriculum Product Management) in Chesterfield, Missouri

Responsible for directing the activities of diverse teams of staff designing, developing and maintaining user assistance (such as training courses, certification exams, documentation, tutorials, videos, embedded help in UI, sample code, eBooks, infographics) for Oracle products.

Assists in the development of a global business strategy and vision for creating and delivering innovative user assistance for Oracle products. Leads a medium sized multidisciplinary organization supporting user assistance requirements spanning 4 or more products and/or technology areas. Directs and controls activities through senior staff that are at Sr. Manager level and above. Maintains a significant sphere of influence across the division. Facilitates collaboration with internal stakeholders. Partners with senior management to develop long range functional strategies. Sets goals for team and ensures objectives are achieved. Directs and ensures the implementation of operational policies through subordinate managers. Professionally presents to all levels of the organization including adjusting presentation styles based on level and utilizing professional-level communication skills; is comfortable interacting with Oracle s executive leadership. Understands various project management methodologies, when to use them and how to combine them into a practical approach that fits the department s skills, knowledge, and temperament. Recruits top talent that balances the needs of the department. Thinks strategically for the betterment of Oracle as a company. Understands at his or her core, the risks involved in the many projects under his or her direction, detecting and mitigating those risks early. Understands the balancing act for key decisions (build vs buy; when the fancy toy isn t that useful; which direction is best for the company). Evaluates and recommends changes that are not easy because they are in the best interest of the company (e.g. when to lower staff). Maintains close relationships with peer organizations, stakeholders, and related departments. Is up-to-date on the latest industry activities related to the organization. Is adept and staying out of the tactical activities of the department while having the breadth of knowledge that he/she can step into any of those activities and quickly aid in the resolution of issues.

Requires 12 years of managerial or related experience, including at least 3 years as Director, plus 4 years of experience managing multiple complex strategic initiatives in parallel, and which span organizational boundaries. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. Shows track record of highly competent management skills as demonstrated by successes in leading cross-functional and complex projects. Demonstrates history of attracting and retaining high caliber employees, and fostering positive morale. Demonstrates expert information design, analytical and research skills. Have published white papers or presented at industry conferences on topics related to Oracle products, technologies, or user assistance.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

Oracle is transitioning into the fast-paced,solution-oriented world of the Cloud. We are enabling more companies to movefaster and more efficiently than ever before. To become wildly successful, wemust present innovative, customer-oriented demonstrations of critical businessscenarios and how our users can implement them successfully. Do you want to bean integral part of this pioneering effort? Do you want to be on the leadingedge of a new customer focused user assistance strategy?

We are looking for an accomplished, innovativeand dynamic leader to drive programs to move Oracle customers to theCloud. This is a leadership position inOracle's User Assistance Development (UAD) organization. You will be responsiblefor directing the activities of teams of staff designing, developing, andmaintaining user assistance (such as product documentation, training courses,certification exams, tutorials, videos, embedded help in UI, sample code, andinfographics) for Oracle products and technologies.

Oracle s UADorganization focuses on promoting a long-term road map for innovation andexcellence. You re required to understand Oracle products, Oracle customers,and industry trends to bring UA developers to the forefront of user-centereddesign and cutting-edge user assistance development. To succeed, candidatesmust be excellent collaborators and partnership-builders. You will work closelywith information architects and documentation engineering teams to produce userassistance assets that meet Oracle s production standards andrequirements.

As Senior Director of UADevelopment, you will:

Direct your team inexecuting strategy and vision for creating and delivering innovative userassistance for Oracle products.

Lead multiple teamsspanning 2 or more products and technology areas responsible for userassistance assets.

Direct and controlactivities through senior staff who are at Sr. Director level and above.

Maintain a significantsphere of influence within the organization.

Facilitate collaborationwith internal stakeholders.

Participate indevelopment of organizational strategic plans and set goals for teams andensure that objectives are achieved.

Establish processes tosupport mid-to long -range goals. Interpret, execute and recommendmodifications to organizational processes.

Professionally presentto all levels of the organization, including adjusting presentation stylesbased on level and utilizing professional-level communication skills.

Exude confidence andstability in the face of change.

Demonstrate enthusiasmabout the nature and purpose of the UAD organization.

Handle ambiguity indirection by self-organizing and balancing priorities for the betterment of theorganization.

Tackle multiple,divergent projects with conflicting priorities and limited resources.

Understand variousproject management methodologies, when to use them and how to combine them intoa practical approach that fits the department s skills, knowledge, andtemperament.

Understand at his or hercore, the risks involved in the many projects under his or her direction,detecting and mitigating those risks early.

Balance the need todrive individuals while not burning them out.

Recognize the value indiversity of thought and action and understands how to build cohesive teamsthat work well together while adapting to change and solving problems.

Recruit top talent thatbalances the needs of the department.

Have difficultconversations with aplomb and know how to professionally and reasonably sayno in a way that satisfies our customers and stakeholders.


Requires familiaritywith web application development, mobile apps, chatbots, DevOps, Open Source,Github, etc. Working familiarity with developing a strategy formetadata management, implementing Oxygen and Schematron a plus.

Requires 10 years ofmanagerial or related experience, including at least 5 years as Sr. Manager,plus 5 years of experience managing complex strategic initiatives.

-{PS..0}->- -{PS..1}->Requires 5 yearsexperience working as senior documentation manager at an enterprise-classcompany.

-{PS..2}->- -{PS..3}->Requires 5 yearsexperience developing division-wide or company-wide user assistanceinitiatives.

-{PS..4}->- -{PS..5}->Requires 5 yearsexperience championing change in the areas of user assistance and contentstrategy.

-{PS..6}->- -{PS..7}->Requires experience in managingglobally including teams in India.

-{PS..8}->- -{PS..9}->Requires experience incustomer outreach and engagement.

-{PS..10}->- -{PS..11}->Requires 3 yearsexperience working in an Agile Scrum environment.

Shows track record ofcompetent management skills as demonstrated by successes in leadingcross-functional projects.

Demonstrates history ofattracting and retaining high caliber employees, and fostering positive morale.

Possesses userassistance development or relevant experience.

Demonstrates goodinformation design, analytical, and research skills.

Demonstrates ability tomanage multiple projects and priorities.


Candidates need to beable to demonstrate competence in the following areas.

Managing up -presenting clear and actionable strategies to senior management

Managing up providingclear feedback on UA requirements defined and promoted by senior management

Managing across -promoting synergy and enthusiasm across the UA Dev organization.

Enterprise-classinformation, development, and curation

Structured contentdevelopment (DITA) and content management (CCMS, GIT)

Markup XML, DITA, andMarkdown

User-centered design(UCD), usability testing, and user-experience design (UXD)

Learning-centered designand content development

Multimedia design anddelivery

The Sr. Director of UserAssistance Development would report to the Vice President of User AssistanceDevelopment and manage a large team of user assistance managers and developers.

Job: *Product Development

Organization: *Oracle

Title: Senior Director, User Assistance (Content and Curriculum Product Management)

Location: United States

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Other Locations: US-Colorado, Canada